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Inside reusable fiber optic laryngoscope SMT-IFGK




·Material:Both Blade and blade joint are made of Medical 304 stainless steelThe handle is made of H62 copper and Aluminum barrel.

·Characteristic: The fiber optic tube can’t take off, High quality stainless steel(surface treatment by matte)to prevent the light reflection, can be used for more than 4000 times 134  high pressure disinfection.(high temperature and high pressure disinfection) strong fiber optic cable,  not less than 8000 aurora m meters  wiring harness, fiber optic catheter diameter is 4MM, fiber optic transmission measurement length is 35 mm., simple Installation: the Joint connection type,can fast and easy to replace the blades, use hernia light bulb,the bulb is on the handle (no danger to patient)

·Size: MAC2 100mm±2mm     MAC3 130mm±2mm     MAC4  155±5mm 

           MIL0  75±5mm    MIL 1  102±2mm

·Handle diameter ---28.5 mmAdult  18.5mm(Child)

·Light source:: hernia bulb (Cold light)

·Bulb Power:2.5V 600MA

·Package: Hard plastic caseAdult set including the fiber optic blade MAC2,MAC3,MAC4one adult handleone spare bulb. Child set including the fiber optic blade Miller 0,Miller1one Child handle.

·Weight:  0.7kg/unit Adult 0.5kg/unitChild

··Case size:22.5cm*16.8cm*2.5cm


·The user must learn the manual carefully before use it

·Endotracheal intubation need accept professional training, just professional training  person can use it.

·Laryngoscope may spread infectious diseases between the patients, so must be with strict disinfection sterilization in the process of two patients .

·Before use must check carefully,if not fit the request do not try to use it.

() Operating instructions

·Plz check whether the blade is connect with handle tightly before use it.

·Check if it is in normal working condition, such as whether the blade is clean, whether there is enough brightness, if the blade  is blur, please drop in some anti-fog cleaner.

·If there is no light plz check whether the optic fiber tube connect with blade correctly?

·Connect the blade hook to handle's head, when blade carried to the operating position, power on, bulb is light, when the operation is finished, remove the blade from the handle, or the bulb not extinguish, will affect the battery life.